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Better Commenting Is Here!


Commenting hasn’t changed a lot since we launched it, so today we just released some much needed updates. You can now edit and delete comments from other users on both shared and public entries! We’ve also made commenting available on all entries, not just shared ones, so you can add notes and comments to yourself if you so desire. Comments can be turned off for an entry as well, which is convenient if you’re sharing something that you don’t want comments for.

But for those that share entries, we have also added something extremely convenient: commenting via email! So now, when someone comments on your entry and you get an email notice for that comment, just click the Reply button in your email inbox and write back with your comment!
It will get added to the entry instantly all without having to login to your Penzu account.

We know this will be useful for teachers and students, so we’re excited to get people using it!

December 14, 2011 at 12:08 pm, by Alexander Comments (3)

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