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Express Yourself with Penzu Pro!

You must be asking yourselves, “Where the heck have you guys been?” We know, we dropped off the radar for a bit there. But, thankfully, we’re back and have some exciting stuff coming soon! First, we’d like to publicly share this trailer showcasing our Customizations feature. A lot of you may have already been using it (and loving it hopefully!), but a lot of users – especially free users – have no idea how amazing Penzu Pro can be. So give this trailer a quick gander and see for yourself!

Awesome, right? You now not only can have a high-res custom background of your choosing, but you can also choose any color in the rainbow as a background. Want your entire journal to have the same customization on each entry? Just click “Make Default” under each style and you’re set!

For those that have already been customizin’, check out some new backgrounds (below) we added today: Rubber, Cracked Earth, Sand, Ocean, Bark, and Red Door. See more at


We’ve got a lot more coming, so stay tuned!

- Penzu Team

August 24, 2011 at 10:02 am, by Alexander Comments (2)

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